VetVid’s goal is to bring quality advice to consumers around the globe.
Our video series cover a variety of topics including:
• Health care advice for pet owners
• New products in the Veterinary and Pet Care industries
• Information related to specific dog and cat breeds
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VetVid produces and distributes informational veterinary videos featuring detailed information on a wide range of topics. Our host, Dr. Mike, interviews experts on each subject to help explain important information to the pet owner. VetVid was started as a collaboration between Dr. Mike Ontiveros, DVM, and Glass Eye Productions, an online video developer. The VetVid partners recognized the need for more detailed pet advice in a video based medium. VetVid is focused on producing a quality product and then maximizing distribution through the latest online technologies.

VetVid videos feature respected veterinarians from around the country. Specialists discuss specific topics in a clinical evironment to enhance the trust of the viewer. The videos are available as a podcast and through popular video sharing sites such as YouTube or Howcast. You can sign up by visiting iTunes and searching for VetVid. VetVid videos are available as high definition videos suitable for television viewing or as highly compressed videos compatible for iPod, iPhone, or similar devices.

VetVid News

VetVid has launched two new series.
Pet Product Showcase focuses on new and innovative products for your pets.
Best of Breeds is in an entertaining series focused on the individual needs, including nutrition, for specific dog and cat breeds.

We will be launching these new channels soon!

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